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Bulino Engraving Close-ups defined - Page 2
Engraving by Adone T. Pozzobon Adone Galleries EngravingArts
Bulino engraving 4 The Cape buffalo engraving is 1" tall shows the dramatic effect that can be attained by extreme dark to light contrast. Many portions use deep, wide, dots mostly to create texture rather than to achieve black density.  A series of medium sized dots closely packed produce sufficient blackness and is better for defining subtle tone changes than heavier dots.

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Bulino engraving 5 The full elephant is 1 1/4" tall and there are hundreds of thousands of dots and is one of the five elephants on the .600 nitro express.  It is also created using multiple layers of dotting techniques to create more realistic skin textures in metal that are velvety smooth and are not properly visible in photography being that these textures are subtle.

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Bulino engraving 6 The Tree engraving is 1/2", its tiny branches show contour and two or three tones of dark to light dotting in extremely small branches some no wider than 1/32".  This may appear as a simple engraving compared to the elephants but in fact is extremely difficult.  Though excessively time consuming and somewhat exhausting the final result is satisfying.

The difficulty was in creating sufficient depth dimension and gray levels within these tiny widths to satisfy continuity to realism that the rest of the scene contained. A considerable amount of time centered on the branches creating foreground and background limbs for added dimension.

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