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Engraving by Adone T. Pozzobon Adone Galleries EngravingArts
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Bulino engraving 1 The bulino elephant engraving is approximately 1 1/2" tall and is one of five elephants engraved on this .600 nito.  There are three scenes each containing elephants and background landscapes.  Each scene contains over two million micro dots and up to seven individual bulino techniques dot and line, separate, and layered.  In addition there are seven tone graduations from the lightest gray-white to black.

The lighter portions contain more dots than the darker portions; the darker dots are either deeper or wider or both. Several of the gray tones are only visible when viewed from specific angles, e.g. the sky lights up as do grass while elephant and other elements remain dark.

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Bulino engraving 2 This elephant is approximately 1/3 smaller than the previous one above.  The texture of the skin is produced by layering methods different styles of dotting one over the other to create a unique texture that more closely resembles elephant skin.  While the naked eye is unable to see the individual dot layers it does register as an overall image as having a different texture.  The layering technique was extremely difficult and ridiculously time consuming and complicated creating smooth graduations.

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Bulino engraving 3 This bulino Lion scene measures 1 7/8" wide by 5/8" tall on a Damascus Liner lock.  There are two bulino scenes engraved and two bulino 1/2" heads and all surrounded by English scroll engraving.  Including design this project required 214 hours of engraving.  The lion is 3/8" tall as is pair of North American Cougars on the flip side of the folder.

Their background scene is composed of a lake, mountains, and row of pine trees.  This scene's engraving technique controls how light reflects and lights up at specific viewing angles.  It also contains a light measure of black ink nominally intensifying the image.  The majority of the ink removed after application but a small amount is retained in selective deeper dotted areas while in other portions removed.

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